Hospitality With a Heart in Sarnath


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Enjoy some of the best food in Varanasi and Sarnath.


Saini Guest House Now Open!

Enjoy our hospitality with 4 brand new guest rooms equipped with private baths, hot water and AC.


Welcome to the new Sarnath Cafe and Saini Guest House!


Supporting Buddha's Smile School

Sarnath Cafe and Saini Guest House is a social business. Profits help to support Buddha's Smile School.

Welcome to Sarnath Cafe

The Sarnath Café offers a place of employment and training for youth serving "hospitality with a heart".  Our efforts also support the non-profit Buddha’s Smile School, and all of our staff work hard to provide nearly 300 students with a hearty and nutritious lunch every single day. Under the supervision of Sukhdev Singh Saini, the values of service and honesty are stressed. Our intention is to fully satisfy each and every customer’s stomach and heart when they walk through our front door.

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